Mold Removal VS. Mold Remediation

Considering that microscopic exist almost everywhere, it is impossible to remove them. In the normal level, they don’t represent any danger to you, but if you see mold appearing all over the place, then you are facing a very serious problem. Many businesses advertise mold removal, but what can they do for you and are they able to help you? To understand this process, you need to know the difference between mold removal and mold remediation.

Mold removal process

As the name states, with mold removal process, you are removing the mold from your home. For example, many areas inside of your house can be affected with a mold, in some cases even your furniture and carpets. It is a very difficult process because you need to remove all the spores and stop them from spreading. It requires removing all the items which have been subjected to mold, for example, clothes, shoes and even food. You need to air the space to stop spores from entering your lungs. If you spray the affected area with the water, you will eliminate their presence in the air. Any moldy items should be disposed of properly, placed in plastic bags, to prevent the mold from spreading.

Mold remediation process

This process is very similar to the previous one, in terms that every moldy material must be removed from the house. Even though it is similar, extra steps are taken to clean your house from a mold and prevent it from doing back. For example, if your basement has problems with mold, you will need to close it up properly, until you find a proper solution to remove the mold. Remediation is often connected with a severe contamination of certain areas, and it has six different steps. Steps one and two are fixing the water problem that is probably the cause. Step three is isolating the contaminated area, step four is spreading plastic sheets over doorsteps, step four is removing contaminated material, step five requires placing them in plastic bags and step six is cleaning the area.