At EICMA 2011 with the CRP electric street bike

CRP at EICMA 2011From the 8th to 13th of November 2011 will take place in Milan, EICMA 2011, the 69th International Motorcycle Exhibition.
An important and awaited event will be the launch of the new electric street bike, presented by the Italian company CRP Technology.

There is much expectation to find out which technological solutions have been designed to accomplish these important innovations that want to get better engine performance and longevity as next step in the development of the next generation electric vehicles. Read more

The use of R744 as liquid coolant in refrigeration systems

TK3 for r744 systemsR744 is a nomenclature used in industry to indicate carbon dioxide, a gas used predominantly as a liquid coolant in refrigeration systems, commercial and industrial.

The use of R744 as a refrigerant has been completely re-evaluated in recent decades because of environmental issues such as global warming and the toxicity of some components.

The advantages of the R744 are mainly in its low environmental impact: R744 it is not toxic, not flammable and contributes to reduced global warming.

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The next generation of street motorbikes

the nextgen superbikeWe are reporting an interesting initiative promoted by the Italian company CRP Racing as regards the development of a new street motorbike that will use state-of-the-art technologies and materials.
The motorbike will have a frame designed exclusively for the electric power, as well as an innovative powertrain.

CRP Racing through the spin-off eCRP is currently working with excellent results in the electric motorcycle championships (FIM e-Power and TTXGP), then they are already involved in the field of research in order to develop solutions that are brought from the race electric motorbike, and that they are now testing and implementing. Read more

What is a CNC Machining Company?

A CNC machining company is a company that provides CNC machining services. There are several CNC machining services that are provided in the market today.
One of the most popular CNC machining services that are provided by a CNC machining company is the standard 3 axis CNC machining.
The standard 3 axis CNC machining has the ability to transform 3D designs into products that you can use on a daily basis. CAD designs like chairs, tables, and drawers are ideal for a standard 3 axis CNC machining service.
A CNC machining company that provides this kind of service is everywhere. It is very basic and standard. Sometimes, as a hobbyist, you can transform these 3D designs right in your own garage or backyard.
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EXPOSanità opens in Italy

The international Healthcare Exhibition EXPOSanità, the second largest event in Europe dedicated to healthcare and assistance will open in Bologna the next 26th of May 2010.

New technologies, such as innovative software and hardware will be at EXPOSanità in 8 different exhibition areas: Hospital (hospital products and technologies); Sistem (healthcare informatics and telemedicine); Salute Amica (health system quality projects and realizations); Sanità animale (technologies and solutions for animal health); Diagnostica 2000 (diagnostic equipment and products); Horus (handicap, orthopaedics, rehabilitation); Anni d’Argento (Products, and services for the third age); MIT (Medicatl Innovation and Technologies).

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